Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Failed Publishing Ventures: "Does not a great business make"

“The process of the specialization of ‘literature’ to ‘creative’ or ‘imaginative’ works…is in part a major affirmative response, in the name of an essentially general human ‘creativity’, to the socially repressive and intellectually mechanical forms of a new social order: that of capitalism and especially industrial capitalism.”
- Raymond Williams, Marxism and Literature

"It's a wonderful iconic brand. But we have struggled for years with advertiser commitment and this year was not a particularly good one. We believe future prospects are not much greater, so we can't sustain the business."
- Charles H. Townsend, president and CEO of Condé Nast

And so, a Haiku/Photo mash-up eulogy:

Neons strike contrast

With a sterile surrounding,

A messy coda

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Perfect Ratio said...

Can I just say how pleased I am that you spontaneously caught my computer screen during the .03 seconds of the day when it's on something respectable like Nytimes.com, rather than Jezebel, Gawker, Meth Addict Faces, or porn.

This increases my hiring chances.

Also, Single Tear.